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sports handicapper

Straight out of the Garden State, I am your sports broker! Some people bet on sports for fun or to enjoy the game. Some people lose everything trying to beat the lines makers, in 2022 if you're not prepared with high tech algorithms and sharp line making ability you will get lost in the sauce. Mathematics & computer software is one road to handicapping a game. You must also remove personal bias and the emotion of laying money on a team you love or hate, have fallen in love with or started to hate. You may favor a team because you won a large bet with them on your birthday, or you love Aaron Rogers and can't bet against him. You can never beat the man when you have emotional bias in play. It MUST be removed. I have mastered all phases of handicapping sports. Let me do the hard work, hours of handicapping, the softwares and algorithms. Let me crunch the numbers and provide you with selections eash day that will win at a high percentage. My 1 to 5 unit ratings will manage your money and never chase. We will be the spreads over the long haul. I have been doing it for 20 years, and now you can become a successful sports bettor as well!


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